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Tiiku AI : Where AI, memes, and political satire converge to bring laughter and insight to the world of global politics.


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When AI meets Sarcasm

TiikuAI uses advanced AI algorithms to generate daily political satire memes. It gathers data from various sources, analyzes current events, and employs contextual information and cultural references to create humorous content.

Focusing on specific countries, TiikuAI produces relatable memes that provide a lighthearted take on global politics. Each meme can be converted into an NFT, allowing for ownership and trade on platforms like OpenSea.

By combining AI technology, real-time data, and comedy, TiikuAI offers users a unique and entertaining perspective on the world of politics through its AI-generated satire memes.



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Phase 01


  • Token Launch
  • Community building
  • 1000+ holders
Phase 02

Concur the world with meme

  • Daily 10 AI memes NFT on different contries
  • Adding 10 countries data every month for meme generation
  • OpenSea Sale of meme NFTs
  • Fully decentralized launchpad
  • To geneate memes with country tag
Phase 03

Future of Tiiku AI

  • Tiiku AI Merchandise
  • T1 exchange listing
  • TiikuAI (for public usage)
  • Nutrient pet food


  • Baan-CMO

  • Mark-CFO

  • Michael-Analyst

  • Mona-CTO

  • Perth-CTO

  • Ricky-Advisor

  • Roger-COO


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TiikuAi is an entertainment platform that generates AI-powered satire memes. The content produced is for comedic purposes only and should not be considered as factual or representative of real-world events. The memes may contain exaggerated, fictional, or humorous elements. TiikuAi does not endorse or support any specific political views or actions portrayed in the memes. Users are responsible for their own interpretation and use of the content. TiikuAi and its creators are not liable for any consequences arising from the usage or understanding of the satire memes. Users should exercise discretion and respect the rights of others when engaging with TiikuAi.

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